Homes that complement the environment

Building homes that compliment the environment in which they sit, yet are also eco-friendly and sustainable, is at the core of our construction ethos. We build energy-efficient properties that are simple to run and are not over-reliant on hi-tech gadgetry.

Making sure our homes are as well-insulated as possible and that they have good air tight levels is an important facet of our design process. And it means we help you keep your energy bills, your energy usage, and consequently your carbon footprint, as low as possible. We install underfloor heating as standard, generally using small gas boilers that are efficient and have low gas usage, are easy to operate and as a result, delivers a house that is simple to run yet also friendly to the environment. Another facility we can install is in-built electricity generating panels on roofs. They resemble tiles and generate electricity which is fed back into the national grid whilst also generating a return to you as the homeowner. The windows we fit are of the highest quality and are A-rated and thermally efficient.


Call Maulden Vale for a new home that is safe, secure, energy-efficient and easy to run.

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